Prestasi Sarawak Sebagai Juara Liga 1997

Manager and coach: Alan Vest
The Squad: Mazlan Wahid, Stanley Frazier, Zaidel Sakup, Dahlan Matussin, Jasmi Mahmud, Roslan Ismail, Ahmad Fairuz Yunus, Nazri Yunus, Ibrahim Mantali, Jalil Ramli, Mohd Ali Sapiee, Ramos Sari, Ramles Sari, Shamsurin Abd Rahman, Affendi Julaihi, Bobby Pian
Foreigners: David Evans (Aus), Alistair Edwards (Aus), William Bone (Eng)

Dari Atas Kiri: Ibrahim Mentali, Alistair Edwards, Ali Sapiee, Zaidel Sakup, Mazelan Wahid (gk), David Evans (C).
Bawah Kiri: Roslan Ismail, Ahmad Fairus Yunus, Dahlan Matussin, Affendi Julaihi, Billy Bone

Sarawak 1997 Ratings

With Australian Alastair Edwards and Samsurin Abdul Rahman in attack, coach Alan Vest should be satisfied. Vest has also strengthened the midfield with Englishman Billy Bone. The towering David Evans has proven to be reliable in defence. Vest will be looking for consistency in the team to land a silverware.
(Star Sports)
The nearly-there team for the last few seasons. After the FA Cup triumph in 1992, Sarawak have always threathened to achieve something but have never done so. Manager Alan Vest has often said his side consists of a bunch of average players and the question that needs to be answered is whether they can lift themselves to a higher pedestal this season.
(Mervyn Tajem)
I love to see them win something this year. A reward for all the good work which coach Alan Vest has done with them. Having Alistair Edwards as their goal hunter, they may have their best chance yet. English midfielder Billy Bone also looks an exciting prospect for a team who have a reputation for starting strongly, only to fumble at the final hurdle. Very aggressive side and like their East Malaysian neighbours, lighting fast on the break. They thrive on a reliable defence and in Mazlan Wahed, have someone gifted enough enough to challenged Khariul Azman as the country’s best goalkeeper. But the team still seem to lack big-match temperament needed to be a championship winning outfit. I hope it will be different for them this year.
*** (Holger Obermann – Head Coach and Technical Adviser FAM Youth Department)
Legendary right wing – Affendi Julaihi (No 14)
David Evans – 6 foot 6 inch tower!!

Malaysian premier league table

as at 17.09.97
    P W D L F A Pts

    SARAWAK 28 17 3 8 40 23 54
    28 15 5 8 64 44 50
    SABAH 28 14 7 7 42 28 49
    SELANGOR 28 14 4 10 45 35 46
    BRUNEI 28 13 6 9 52 39 45
    PERLIS 28 13 6 9 42 36 45
    N. SEMBILAN 28 12 8 8 40 31 44
    PERAK 28 12 5 11 51 41 41
    K. LUMPUR 28 10 8 10 29 34 38
    PAHANG 28 10 7 11 42 39 37
    PENANG 28 8 9 11 26 33 33
    JOHOR 28 10 2 16 35 44 32
    KELANTAN 28 8 4 16 33 58 28
    MALACCA 28 6 6 16 31 61 24
    TERENGGANU 28 6 4 18 26 55 22

    Note: Perlis awarded a 3-0 win over Terengganu for
    fielding a suspended player on May 20. Terengganu
    won 2-1. Sarawak were also awarded a 3-0 win over
    Perak by default.

Dalam ruangan box tercatat piala diserahkan kepada Sarawak dalam kotak sahaja!

Crocs Hotshots                         LEAGUE FA CUP
      Alistair Edwards.                 12        2
      Affendi Julaihi.                   8
      Ramos Sari.                        5
      Shamsurin Abdul Rahman.            4
      Billy Bone.                        4        1
      Nazri Yunus.                       3        1
      Bobby Pian.                        1        3
      Ramles Sari.                       1
      Mohd Ali Sapiee.                   1


HOME MATCHES                           AWAY MATCHES

SARAWAK   1   BRUNEI     0                                   BRUNEI     1   SARAWAK   0

SARAWAK   1   JOHOR      0              JOHOR      0   SARAWAK   1

SARAWAK   2   KEDAH      1              KEDAH      1   SARAWAK   2

SARAWAK   2   KELANTAN   0              KELANTAN   3   SARAWAK   1  

SARAWAK   1   K LUMPUR   0              K LUMPUR   1   SARAWAK   0

SARAWAK   4   MALACCA    1              MALACCA    1   SARAWAK   0

SARAWAK   1   N SEMBILAN 0              N SEMBILAN 3   SARAWAK   1

SARAWAK   1   PAHANG     0              PAHANG     0   SARAWAK   2

SARAWAK   2   PENANG     1              PENANG     0   SARAWAK   1

SARAWAK   3   PERAK      0              PERAK      1   SARAWAK   1

SARAWAK   1   PERLIS     1              PERLIS     2   SARAWAK   0

SARAWAK   2   SABAH      0              SABAH      2   SARAWAK   1

SARAWAK   4   SELANGOR   1              SELANGOR   2   SARAWAK   1

SARAWAK   2   TRENGGANU  0              TRENGGANU  0   SARAWAK   2 

Sayang sekali Sarawak tewas dalam Piala FA menentang Selangor.. Tangar piala di pegang..
Kertas ajak! kempang ati FAM
Dalam gambar: Roslan Ismail ketika menentang pasukan Sabah
Yap Kim Choon abu-abu.. nerajang Alistair Edwards.. semua player Sarawak nyerbunya .. Diat gine captain Sarawak, Ali Sapiee as leader.. TEAM SPIRIT sangat kuat .. SARAWAK menang 4-1 match tok!

Best nak? Tapi sayang pada ketika Sarawak dinobatkan sebagai champion piala liga itu cuma diletak di dalam kotak dan dihantar pakai kapal terbang tanpa seorang pegawai FAM pun.. 

Malah pada match terakhir celebration Sarawak sebagai juara hanya dengan trophy kertas walhal telah dinobatkan sebagai juara sebelum match terakhir.. 

Apa leh buat semuanya sejarah! Di harap Sarawak season 2011 tok bangkit.. Jadikan sejarah 1997 sebagai benchmark.. Since Alan Vest, Shamsurin ada di Kuching.. Tanyakkan macam ney sidak masa ya gel very well.. Apa mentaliti sidak menentang opponent yang ada player star... Spirit gung ho ya mesti diteruskan!

Come on Sarawak!!


3 thoughts on “Prestasi Sarawak Sebagai Juara Liga 1997

  1. waahhh.. lama dah tok. zaman tok la paling bez. dak david evan, john hunter, ali safee.. kmk pnah jmpa n klaka ngan david evan n john hunter. cne ndak ka daknya knek tok.Good Job 'ngapajak.blogspot'!!

  2. Masa tuk…sik kira jauh camne pon.tetap ke stadium. Rindu saat ya… FAM lah punca bola sepak mundur…

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