No Time Frame – Robert Alberts

KUCHING: Coach Roberts Alberts said that he is not giving the foreign imports any time frame on their stay for the selection trials in Sarawak. 
According to the coach, the selection will be made on the overall performance of the players during their trials with the team and the names of the players will only be announced after the selection committee had made their decisions on the matter. 
“I am not giving the import players any time limit on their stay for the selection trials here but I do admit that a week is a short time to gauge the players’ performance,” he said when met at the Stadium Sarawak Sunday.  
Alberts said that there is a possibility that the selection trials will be prolonged till early December as all these will depend on the team’s requirements and thus any players selected must fit into the playing system of the team. 
The Sarawak players resumed their training Sunday after a two week break in order for them to attend the Class C Coaching Course. 
Among the imported players who turned up for the training Sunday were Ivan Babic from Croatia, Oleg Vladimirovich Sibalov from Russia, Jefferson Nyeane Gbolokai from Liberia and Egypt’s Elsaid Elaraby.

Mudah-mudahan kita dapat striker yang betul-betul berkualiti bukannya striker pencen. Dah 2 season dapat player yang entah papa. 
Cuma nak highlight striker Laos no 20. Nya berjaya memikat hati saya sebagai pemerhati bolasepak. Nak tauk terer ka sik terer nya tok esok hari kita sama-sama diat nya benar-benar bagus main kah sik.
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