The Coaches

The ‘Tactic Master’ – Alan Vest

From Mohamad Poasa Sahar to Robert Alberts – know more about Sarawak’s coaches.

Year Manager
1979 to 1981 Malaysia Mohamad Poasa Sahar
1982 Malaysia Wan Edrus Wan Alwi
1983 Australia Alan Bradshaw
1984 Malaysia Chow Kwai Lam
1985 to 1987 Malaysia Mohamad Che Su
1988 to 1989 Malaysia Awang Mahyan Awang Mohamad
1990 to 1991 Malaysia Abdul Wahet Uji
1992 to 1998 Australia Alan Vest
1999 to 2003 Malaysia Abdul Jalil Rambli
2004 Australia Trevor Morgan
2005 Malaysia Abdul Wahet Uji
2005 to 2006 Malaysia Abdul Jalil Rambli
2007 Malaysia Pengiran Bala
2007 to 2008 Malaysia Mohammad Mentali
2008 Singapore Kunju Jamaluddin
2008 Malaysia Ahmad Fairuz Yunus
2008 to 09 Netherlands Robert Alberts
2009 to 2011 Malaysia Haji Mohd Zaki Sheikh Ahmad
2011 till present Netherlands Robert Alberts

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